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Jamesson Solutions is a training, leadership development and talent acquisition company in Greensboro, North Carolina

Changing results sometimes means changing the organization for the long term. More often, however, it’s a matter of changing individual behavior right now. You can do this through training, development and coaching. Jamesson Solutions works with leaders, teams and entire organizations with training and development focused on achieving measurable improvement right now. We can also support your in-house learning and talent management with scientifically valid assessments and engaging and powerful business simulations.

HR may need some hand-holding to compete for younger “employee customers”

Employee customers? More and more, organizations are wooing new talent with techniques more akin to marketing than human resources to reach young people who brand themselves by their work. Competition for talent is getting tougher as the economy improves and...

Optimized hiring helps HR fine tune its talent acquisition: but do a little research first

Optimized hiring is getting a lot of coverage in business and news. Basically, this refers to the use of assessment in the hiring process. It’s a fundamental change from earlier HR practices wrought from the continuing refinement of assessments. We’re proponents of...

Generational baggage and how you can check it

Last week’s New York Times Magazine features a sobering and thought-provoking article about a reported increase in the number of adolescents suffering from anxiety. In “The Kids Who Can’t,” Benoit Denizet-Lewis documents a period in the life of a high school student...

The way you thought you needed to talk to Millennials is all wrong

Press Release: The way you thought you needed to talk to Millennials is all wrong— new communications skills course addresses generational differences in business and the workplace Greensboro, NC— In many industries, relations between manufacturers and their dealer...

Ever bomb an interview?

Fess up. Ever bomb an interview? Maybe it was for a job your really wanted. Or a talk with your boss about a salary increase. Or critical performance review. Or an important sales call. It's a little bit like a bad dream, because you probably know you're bombing,...

DISC helps talent acquisition tools do double duty for team development

Jamesson Solutions got into the talent acquisition arena earlier this year by establishing a value-added associate partnership with TTI Success Insights, maker of the TriMetrix assessment suite. We consider the suite to be very powerful, delivering scientifically...

Assessments and feedback for “back-to-workplace”

Chances are your office is pretty slow right now, as coworkers wrap up their summer vacations and your vendors and clients have automated "I will be out of the office until..." messages on their e-mail. If you do business with European companies, it's even harder to...

How to read body language

Current politics is a boon for network, cable and internet news because every event is so visual. And we're not even talking about spectacular footage of space launches or significant human achievements, either. These days it's downright compelling to just watch two...

Five ways to use your body to get what you want in the workplace

Selling an idea, leading a team, winning new business and getting a raise are just a few of the situations in which presentation skills can make a big difference in the outcome. In the three-minute video clip below you can learn about five body language techniques...

From the Beer Game to Paper Planes, business simulations continue to be popular

We're not sure what the first business simulation was, but when you research the topic, you'll find ample references to the Beer Distribution Game. Unfortunately for some players, the "Beer Game" isn't supposed to involve any drinking, just simulated distribution from...

talent acquisition with trimetrix

Talent Acquisition from Jamesson Solutions using TriMetrix assessments helps assure that you find and hire the best matched people for your organization’s culture and goals. We can implement or certify you to implement.

Training, development and consultation
Training, development and consultation


Everything we do is custom. Your engagements begin with a case study of your situation and your goals. From this we design a program of assessments, learning, simulations, coaching—whatever will be most effective—that fits your organization.


Assessments—personality profiles, 360s and multi-rater instruments—provide a vital baseline for personal development, a cornerstone of team and organizational improvement.

Training, development and consultation
Training, development and consultation


Business simulations allow people to learn through self-discovery, by doing. They provide a safe space where experimentation, failure and learning can occur. When it comes to learning interpersonal communication skills, there is no organizational development program as powerful as a business simulation.