Becoming a Coach Executive

"Organizationally, there is a huge demographic shift about to take place. The American Society for Training and Development says that, in the United States alone, over the next 20 years we will have 76 million people retiring and only 46 million entering the workforce. Taking their place at the helm of private and public organizations will be Gen X'ers, many of whom have not been equipped with the leadership skills needed to assume the responsibility being passed to them."            
                                                                                                        - Deborah Gilburg, Principal at the Gilburg Leadership Institute

Why Become a Coach Executive?

As an executive, you are leaving your organization's future up in the air and risk losing its competitive edge if you don’t. The cost of making up for lost knowledge and mistakes made from learning on the fly by those attempting to fill you shoes is too high and largely unnecessary.

Becoming a Coach Executive

In making the transition to coaching, successful executives can apply many of the skills they have used before to motivate others to achieve. The challenge for the ‘coaching executive’ is to make the transition from executive to coach/executive with full awareness of how the two roles differ.

This program offered by CCI Leadership has been designed specifically for experienced executives who want to:

Improve their coaching leadership style so that they might be more effective within their own organizations, or

Establish themselves as external, or independent executive coaches,

The program is divided into the following elements:

Initial assessment, interview and screening.

Five days of intensive classroom training and practice coaching.

Six months of supervised coaching.

Who should attend?

Individuals with a successful track record as leaders or executives who developed others. This program is geared specifically to people who currently hold or who have held positions in the private or public sectors as:

Senior Executives

Senior Managers


For More Information:

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