Change Readiness Gauge®

The Change Readiness Gauge™ is an organizational tool designed to assess an organization’s ability to accept and implement change. This instrument helps organizations identify and quantify their ability to react and respond to a rapidly changing environment in challenging times.

The Change Readiness Gauge offers a unique approach to change readiness and can be used in a variety of organization and team situations. It is:

Easy to implement

A behaviorally-based approach

Applicable to teams and all levels of an organization

Flexible with the ability to create multiple reports and data views

Based on sound research practices and real organizational experiences

How it Works:

Individuals throughout a team or organization provide confidential feedback through an online 40-item survey that takes 15-20 minutes to complete. These items are based on four frames of reference for assessing, planning and implementing change: change awareness, change agility, change reaction and change mechanisms. Composite reports, or data cuts, display aggregated survey data and provide detail for each survey item. Results can be broken down further by creating demographic and custom questions (i.e., by subgroups for departments, locations, etc.)

Assessment administration is managed through Discovery Learning's Online Assessment Center. Discovery Learning works with organizations to determine the initial setup and customization. Survey administrators can then conduct the survey on their own time table and produce reports when needed.

Why Use it?

The report generated from organizational data represents a powerful visual image on a circumplex platform. It identifies potential barriers to the success of change initiatives while also giving insight into what is working well. It is designed to:

Evaluate an organization's preparedness to compete in a changing environment

Assess and quantify an organization’s change readiness

Align leadership on the most important organizational change issues

Develop a shared understanding of change readiness

Create benchmarks and measures at the start of a change initiative

More Information

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Change Readiness Gauge

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