Learning Modules

Heeding Albert Einstein's advice, "to make it as simple as possible but no simpler,"  we designed our modules to provide leadership development and executive education professionals with ready-to-use training products and organizational development programs.  Easy-to use, yet powerful by design, these learning modules can be incorporated into any program or can be used as a half-day stand-alone training event.

Right Decisions Made Right™
 helps participants learn to make better decisions. It is the first in a series of ready-to-use interactive training modules from Discovery Learning that are based on decades of research on problem-solving and decision-making behaviors of 41,000 managers.

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Right Decisions In Action™
 guides participants through a framework for implementing decisions to ensure the highest chance of success possible. Used in conjunction with the Decision Style Profile® or Right Decisions Made Right™, this module yields powerful learnings for participants seeking to more skillfully execute decisions.

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