Odigia™ Learning Management Systems -"Learning Liberated"

Jamesson Solutions is pleased to offer Odigia, Inc's Odigia™ Online Learning Platform
What's Learning Liberated?

For Trainers and Consultants born in the 20th Century, the corporate training room we knew is gone. It has evolved. Technology is redefining traditional training and transforming it into a robust, multi-dimensional blended learning experience with elements accessible from anywhere, at any time. Learning management systems are playing the central role in this transformation and have advanced to where they are not only delivering content but transforming it in vivid and compelling ways. Corporate education and training is being liberated
It's Apples and Oranges

The Odigia LMS is a next generation learning management system that is intuitive, interactive, highly accessible, efficient and cost-effective. Based on the industry leading Moodle platform, the Odigia LMS builds on years of open source community development to deliver empowering new features in the areas of online learning, video distance learning, educational games, mobile access, and course monetization

The Odigia LMS is cloud based providing unlimited scalability, performance, reliability, and breakthroughs in low cost delivery and operation


  • Can be Branded to your organization
  • Advanced Training tools 
  • Quick implementation gets your project online fast
  • Fully supported to ensure your success
  • Extensive video features to support long distance learning
  • Cost effective pricing tailored to your individual needs
  • Amazon Cloud hosting for dramatic cost reductions, high reliability and high performance

Why Use It?

Odigia’s eTraining tools are easy to use, efficient and cost-effective. Our approach delivers a higher level of engagement, clarity and richness throughout the entire learning process.  From course planning to richer training experiences to robust analytics, Odigia fulfills the long under-delivered promise of applying technology to improve corporate training and education.

Odigia provides eTraining and course management tools that are intuitive and easy to use. With Odigia, you can deliver complete online courses or blended online/on site experiences.

Why do Trainers like Odigia?

  • Group training from multiple locations
  • Rich media experiences deliver more impactful and memorable sessions
  • Games to accelerate learning and improve retention
  • Real time assessment for better feedback
  • Course enrollment and repository for easy access
  • In-house certification for necessary skill levels, automated from enrollment to course material, analytics and reporting

And by the way, did we mention Odigia is easy to use?

Why do Participants like Odigia?

Participants needs and comfort levels with technology vary widely. Odigia is a friendly resource that can be utilized to improve knowledge, skills, morale and confidence.

  • Collaborate with others from multiple locations
  • Individual course access anytime, anywhere
  • In-house certification for necessary skill levels, automated from enrollment to course material, analytics and reporting
  • Ability to keep up with the latest training and industry knowledge
  • Professional development flexibility

Odigia increases the value of your most important asset: your employees

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More Information

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