Jakoba® Performance Appraisal Software System

Jakoba Software will help you achieve improved business results

The employee performance management process at most companies has traditionally been one whose function is primarily limited to tracking past performance. With Jakoba’s Employee Performance Management Solution you can turn this process into a powerful tool to help you achieve future results.
Performance Appraisal Complete automation of your performance review process. Our world class tools embed all of the best practices, yet do so in a way that is intuitive and easy to use for your managers

Goal Management Jakoba excels at helping its customers' employees set, track and manage goals.  With jakoba's goal management tools, your employees and managers can easily increase the level of bi-directional communication, and will find it easy to understand how their actions affect the company as a whole

Competency Management Our flexible evaluation platform is designed to make sure you can evaluate employees in the way that works best for you.

Skill Tracking Management For no extra cost you now have the option of tracking skill proficiency levels within your organization.  This powerful tool can help you improve the effectiveness of hiring and training resources, by giving you valuable insight into strengths and weaknesses that exist in your organization.

Fully Automated Workflow Jakoba's solution can help you remove all the administrative headache of performance reviews by proactively notifying employees/managers when work items are due and providing quick links to all necessary information

 Why Use It?

Two thirds of all companies use paper, spreadsheets, or electronic versions of paper documents for their employee performance management processes today that trap important data inside of evaluation forms. Jakoba's automated solution frees all of this trapped data making immediately available for business decisions.

The solution is also very easy to use and intuitive. The screens seem familiar even at the start so you can get all of the advantages of a new performance management solution without forcing your employees, managers, and IT staff to spend significant time in training. For the technically inclined, Jakoba uses Microsoft SharePoint technologies as the primary interface. We can provide our solution to you via our hosted data center or you can also deploy the solution behind your firewall.

  • Link Employees to Manager and Corporate Goals

  • Empower managers to quickly see how their employees are helping to achieve results for the group, division, or company.

  • Real Time Visibility into Workforce Strengths and Skill Gaps

With Jakoba’s solution, companies can have employees constantly catalog and assess skill strengths and weaknesses. Jakoba also has provided the tools for managers to help make staffing, recruiting, and other workforce decisions.

Multi-Lingual and Multi-Regional Support Jakoba's solution has been translated in nine languages (English, German, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian/Bahasa, Vietnamese, Korean, Dutch, and Spanish). With our multi-lingual capabilities additional languages can be added at any time, with low cost to accommodate any client's needs.

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More Information

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